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"Paid to Click" for Dummies

A complete Guide.
(This guide will assume that you are familiar with the internet and have a valid email account.)
  1. Types of "Paid To's"
    • PTC - Paid to Click
    • PTR - Paid to Read
    • GPT - Get Paid to...
    • PTP - Paid to Promote
    • PTS - Paid to Signup
    • Others
    • Complemental
    • Scams
  2. Payment Processors
    • Intro to payment processors
    • Paypal
    • Alertpay
  3. Getting Started

   Types of "Paid To's":

PTC - Paid to Click

A PTC is a site where the advertiser pays to display ads on the website, part or all of this payment goes to the viewer when he/she views the advertisement. In the past, legitimate PTC's have unrightfully earned a bad reputation due to the proliferation of online scams using the cover of a PTC to run thier Ponzi Scheme. One method of this scam is the sale of fake referrals. More on scams below. Finding a valid PTC is easy, just follow this guide! example: BuxCalculator, Neobux

PTR - Paid to Read

A PTR is a site where the advertiser pays to send an email to the PTR's members. Part or all of this payment goes to the viewer upon reading the email. example: BuxCalculator, DonkeyMails

GPT - Get Paid to

GPT's are some of the most profitable "Paid To's" online. A GPT is a site where the advertiser pays to put an offer on the GPT site. Part or all of this payment goes to the member upon completion of this offer. Most offers require you to fill out personal information, rather than just viewing an ad. Some offers may require a download, or a credit-card to activate a trial. I have been paid as much as $11 just for signing up for a free trial, which can be canceled, no charge! example: BuxCalculator, Cashcrate

PTP - Paid to Promote

Most PTP's are a combination of a PTP and PTC or PTR. A PTP is simple, you send the PTP site traffic, they log your traffic and pay you for each hit. PTP's work well in combination with Manual Surfs.example: BuxCalculator, Clicksia

PTS - Paid to Signup

example: BuxCalculator, Incentria


Not all of the companies/websites you utilize will be paying you directly. There are many websites that exist for the purpose of aiding or complementing your "Paid To" venture. One such valuable tool is called a "Manual Surf" site. These site's are the best way to get free, targeted visits to your referral url's, PTP url's, and your own website(s). Here at BuxCalc, we specialize in "Paid To" tools. Our goal is to make this site the only "Complimental Paid To" program you'll ever need! example: BuxCalculator, EasyHits4u


There are other categories that don't have a neat 3-letter acronym quite yet, such as paid to watch video's! We'll call them "PTW" or "Paid to Watch", from now on. Here at BuxCalc we are experimenting with the first widely promoted "Paid to Listen" program, where members are actually paid to listen to the radio! example: BuxCalculator, BuxP


It is usually fairly easy to spot a scammer. Scammer's prey on people that are willing to try "too good to be true" offers. The #1 thing to remember about a "Paid to" is that it is not plausible to pay the members more than the revenue the site brings in. Take a look at the advertising section of any unverified "Paid To" before joining. If they are charging the advertisers less than they promise to pay the users, then this is a tell tail sign of a Ponzy Scheme in action! (For example, if a site promises its members $0.03 per click, and sells advertising for $0.01 per click, this is a Ponzi! After the first thousand or so people try and cash out, the site disappears never to be seen again!). To easily avoid these scams, just stick to this guide. I only mention companies that are proven to be paying members.

   Payment Processors:

Intro to Payment Processors

A payment processor is necessary in order to receive payment from most(not all!) "Paid To" sites. The payment processors we will discuss below have free options and premium options available. Unless you are making a LOT of transactions, the free accounts are perfectly applicable for a budding PTC'r.


The worlds most popular payment processor. The main advantage of using Paypal is the wide degree of support for the processor with millions of users.


A great backup to Paypal. AlertPay is widely accepted these days, and can even be used as an alternative to Paypal (rather than a backup). One advantage that AlertPay has over Paypal is a lower transaction fee. For this reason, it is wise to use AlertPay when possible. Link

   Getting Started:

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