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There are a few hard to overlook stats for the savvy marketer interested in integrating social media platforms, such as tube sites, into their marketing mix but may be constrained by a tight budget. For example, over 2.1 billion video views per week are monetized; the total number of advertisers using YouTube has increased 11 fold! not to mention YouTube mobile receives over 110 million views a day. According to a recent study, video marketing is on the rise in 2012 with 78 percent of marketers planning to increase overall video marketing efforts. Itís clear why marketers are flocking to YouTube, and just as obvious that YouTube must allocate some serious resources to keeping view counts free from fraud. There are many services online claiming to boost your YouTube views for fractions of a cent per view, but did you know that Youtube has implemented a counter that FREEZES at the first sign of fraud!? You may purchase 1 million views from an untrusted service, just to have your counter frozen at 1000! Here at BuxCalculator we have developed a program to deliver 100% authentic views and the method is simple, all views are real, viewed by actual humans.

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